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Ed: Retired Captain, US Navy (26 years), and IBM (34 years), Master Mason, Scottish Rite, Shriner, Atlanta Vietnam Veteran's Business Association, graduated Rice University.

Mary: Homemaker, philanthropist, retired teacher, Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, graduated Long Beach State University.

Daughter Erin: Senior Sales Operations Manager, Sciele Pharmaceutical, Inc., previously TRW consultant to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), graduated Auburn & University of Georgia; married 13 years to Michael, Vice Presdient, Descartes, formerly Vice President, ScanCode Technology & Development, The Agile Network, graduated Georgia Tech.

Daughter Alison: MBA from University of Michigan, Masters in Urban Planning & Development and Masters in Real Estate Development. Previously an equity buyer with Rorer Asset Management, and portfolio manager for SEI Investments, Georgia Tech undergraduate.


church, history, tennis, philanthropy, family, science, international travel, genealogy, bridge, supporting u.s. military